The event intentions and principles were designed from the core contributors intentions for the event from the start and a co-creative session with our guest facilitators (honed by the core contributors’ insight into the venue) 🌟

Facilitation Intentions 🦮

These intentions apply to all facilitation during the event, from stewarding the space generally to supporting individual sessions. They will be shared with all participants before (including workshop holders, conversation table hosts, and anyone leading an unconference space) and during the event.

  • Safe and brave space. We look for every opportunity to create and support a space where all participants feel safe and supported to express themselves fully, in all our weirdness and wonderfulness.
  • And we look to support participants to navigate the event in the way that works for their needs, whether that be for a quiet space or an energetic one.
  • We are all crew. We support each other to ebb and flow in and out of the facilitator role so we do not feel overwhelmed or stressed.
  • We encourage artful participation. This could mean participants asking themselves ‘Is my behaviour in the moment the greatest contribution I can make to the effectiveness of this commons?’
  • We look for ways to care for ourselves, other participants, and the entire group.

We are transitioning towards regenerative cultures. These are cultures of respect and listening, of care and support. Cultures in which people deal with conflicts when they arise, using short feedback loops to talk about disagreements and issues without blaming, shaming or convincing.

Principles for our Commons 🌗

Regens Unite is a common, for us, by us. The way we do things within our common is as important as what we do together. We build bridges between sectors, people, and humans and the planet and we aim to leave every contributor feeling rejuvenated, connected (to oneself, the other, and the planet), and relaxed.

These are the conditions we nurture and honour when working and being together:

  • All contributors are equal members and co-stewards of this common, whether you are visitor, contributor, or event participant.
  • We practice artful participation: we contribute the best way we can to maintain and develop our common.
  • Everyone takes ownership of creating a safe and brave environment. Our goal is not to convince others, nor to fight each other. We are here to create and learn, be curious and have fun, and support everyone to say what needs to be said.
  • We allow ourselves to be awed by all the different ways of regenerating ourselves, our communities, and the planet. There are no black or white solutions. No one has the monopoly on truth.  And, we never take ourselves too seriously.
  • We create a warm, inclusive and welcoming environment. We actively seek out, invite, and enable people with different experiences and skills to contribute. We organise in a way that makes contributing as accessible as possible. We can count on each other, and we are open to help and support everyone.
  • When we meet and work together, we look to create the conditions for emergence while recognising the messiness, wonder, and challenge of being human. Being human is what unites us. We welcome what is alive in the moment and what is needed to move forward, together. We honour silence and reflection as much as energy and creativity. We welcome joy and laughter as much as sadness and worry, feminine aspects as much as masculine, and slow and small being a key part of the fractal of life.
  • We utilise minimum viable decision-making protocols to balance individual autonomy with awareness of how our decisions impact others and the commons.
  • We welcome conflict and tensions as a way to grow. We are inspired by Ostrom’s Principles for Managing a Commons in all ways, which includes how we respond to conflict.

👉 If before or during the event anyone feels that these principles or intentions are not being met, they should seek out an event facilitator.

👉 Please note: we will have a clear recording and note-taking policy shared with participants at the start of each day. We also have rituals planned during the event to ground and support participants.