The event

A 2-day conversation May 19-20 to unite regens in the capital of Europe and explore together

 how we can move from sustain(ability) to regen(eration).

We have passed the stage where we can just work towards sustaining the status quo. Instead, we have to move to regenerative solutions, where resources are renewed, capacity is built, and we become more resilient to shocks.

Why now?

We are in the midst of an ecological and social crisis. Climatological imbalance causes floodings, wildfires and pandemics, growing pressure causes burnout, and toxic politics and social media polarise the conversation. We need systems change, not climate change.

Many citizens are taking responsibility to reorganise and to build solutions.

We want to bring these people together in one room.

We invite everyone who is working on regenerative solutions for themselves, our communities, and our planet - from a wide range of sectors, backgrounds, and experiences (such as web3, climate movements, NGOs, and citizen initiatives) - to unite and learn together.  

We allow ourselves to be surprised and awed by all the different ways of being regenerative and to taste the different aspects of regenerative finance, farming, activism, culture, healing, collaborating, relating, community-building, and technology; experiencing the weave of all these different ways of being and building.


 “How do we move from sustain to regen?”

These two days will be a mini island of sanity that’s non-judgemental, full of curiosity, learning and experimenting, and where there are no wrong questions and no black and white solutions.

We will explore this topic together through

conversation tables

‘no powerpoint’ talks and storytelling



8:30 am - 5:30 pm CET
Thursday 19/05  and Friday 20/05

(with drinks afterwards + jazz concert of Friday)

Sister events at the weekend👇🏾

Facilitator Intentions & Event Principles

The intentions and principles we agree to for our commons.
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Sister Events over the weekend

Feel like staying in Brussels or heading to Amsterdam for the weekend? Join our Sister Events.

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Practical Information

Food, hotels, what to bring…
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The Citizen Corner is a 1000 square meter occupation by citizens for citizens.

more info and how to get there

Core Contributors

Anna-Marie Swan, Bruno Roemers, Jeremy Akers, Leen Schelfhout, Sinouhé Monteiro, Xavier Damman, samaelaross (design), Kris Is

Thank you to all the people who contributed to our Gitcoin Grant GR13 and especially momus.eth.

If you’d also like to support this event, please reach out (email, discord, twitter) or donate directly on Gitcoin or to regensunite.eth (ethereum or polygon)


We invited a mix of regens from different backgrounds (climate activists, web3, facilitators, NGOs, community builders…) to create a safe and brave space where we can learn from each other and unite!


Thank you to all the contributors, partners, donors, sponsors that make this event possible

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