We are designing the program while you are reading this, working with all suggestions from participants.

🌱 Our goals

  • Unite pioneers, experimenters, builders and dreamers
  • Build relationships so that we can all work better together
  • Learn how we can contribute and join the regen movement as individuals, organizations, and institutions
  • Facilitate a space that intends to give participants a direct experience of what regeneration feels like, inside and out.

🍀 The format

There are four different session formats we will offer you during the two day conversation:

  1. Sea Spray

Facilitated but open conversations about a predefined topic. Longer, deeper conversations, introduced by topic facilitator and supported by conversation facilitator; length of conversation about 40 min

  1. Sunbeam

Short presentations, pitches of ideas, followed by conversationInspirational talk/storytelling without screens (no PowerPoint or Prezi) about 30 min

  1. Particle collision

Deep dive workshop, focus and interactive learning. Creating together in an interactive, collaborative workshop. about 2 hours

The opening and closing sessions on day 1 and 2 will be in plenary.

🗓 Program summary

Note: we will be updating the schedule regularly in the lead-up to the event.